Friday 14th July

I don’t know how but I managed to get up early and get into the Hilton to get my accreditation – and it went well!!! There was hardly anyone there so I was able to walk through and go for a tour around the merchandise stalls and get a good lot of stuff – you always have to be careful at these things cos you pick things up then you can’t carry them! but I did miss out on a great swimming bag that came out on Saturday and I was already busy swimming by then – oh well i got a nice red bag so maybe I can send some things home in that.
my photo wasn’t there but it was not busy so easy enough to have my photo taken and to get my ID and best of all my transport ticket which means I can travel everywhere without paying – I loveee that and makes life so easy .
So far my hotel is proving to be in a good location – i caught the red line out to the swimming – that’s my line so it’s pretty direct. I went into town – oh sorry i went downtown, registered then went home for a nap and off to the swimming – i’m not swimming today but i get to ckeck out the way and the facilities. It was an easy ride and i forgot to say they are having a heatwave! and am I complaining – NO it’s at least hot so i’m enjoying every minute of hot.
So off home for a short nap – living in Chinatown makes it easy to get food and I went to the local market and into a nice cool shop to eat buddah’s special – vegies and tofu so that was nice. i also got an umbrella for the sun because i may need it for the opening ceremony – in Sydney it was hot and sunny so I’m ready. they make delicious ice tea near my place so i had that and a custard bun as desert – i also got fruit and tomatoes – that will do till i get to town.
had a nap then got ready to go to the washington DC meet and greet – it was great! at the palmer Hilton, the oldest continuos running hotel with the most beautiful art deco ceiling – I thought I was in a fancy sistine Chapel [jet lag!].
got home about 11pm having met many people all of whom are extremely friendly all loved Sydney and Australia and love to tell you so!
Went tto sleep – my first swim tomorrow!

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