Saturday 15th July

Ok I’ll go into the pool for the session which is about 1pm so will go into town first and see what there is there to eat. i found a great place at Marshall fields – he donated the ground for the stdium at Soldiers field – some while ago like 100yrs maybe?
i found a great place to eat – i don’t need to find anyone to share – you buy salad by the lb. So I got a fabulous salad with strange vegies I had never heard of and dressings i still am not sure what they are but trully fresh and delicious! So that solves my eating problems.
The pool is great and i went straight in for a swim I met a young woman from Philadelphia walking in and she invited me to sit with them seeing i was on my own. So now the Philadelphia Fins have adopted me! And that’s great they are so friendly , supportive and social.
I did get a practice swim in – I could hardley do a lap it felt like treacle in the water – I think it must be something to do with the travel – well at least tomorrow is breaststroke which i can cruise but there is nothing cruisy about
i’m so glad i wasn’t racing today.
Went home early to get ready for the opening – i had a little nap and then got ready and went off took plenty of water and food – i remember how little there was for Sydney!
Well as usual we had a long wait but but I found a nice tree with another couple of women to chat to and lay on the grass till it was time to move to location 2 i was so happy to have done that as we stood for an hour and a half in a hot steamy bunker waiting for our call.
Everone sang songs we all sang waltzing matilda of course – ansd aussie Oye Oye Oye!!! and everone cheered wildley cos they all loved sydney.
i met Des there suzanne’s brother – this seems to be a habit to meet Suzanne’s relies whenever i go to Gay Games events! We had a nice catch up chat and passed the time.
i also searched for any Australian women swimmers – NONE i did not find a singlr Australian woman swimmer. I was told there were a couple of men but did not meet them so i will probably see them at the event.
at last we went on and everyone cheered mmm it’s lovely being a stra!!!
and then the event went on till midnight – i didn’t get home till 1am so swimming will be interesting for me and everyone else!!!
the whole affair was may toooo long and somewhat dreary – well sort of i don’t know how to describe it dramatic? a dancer throwing himself around in  dramatric poses…. that went on and on!!!
most of it could have been run closer together and way les of the dramatic dancer – i asked Americans around me who he was and not many knew or cared they said! which was interesting cos there was a political reason for him being there.
the fireworks were great.

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