Sunday 16th july

Up at a reasonable time and got to the pool for the 9.30am warm – up. this swimming will mean i hardly have time to get to anything else so have just resigned myself to be a full time sports person for these 2 games.
on the train and on the bus everone chats to each other so i’ve now met some new zealanders as well. i got in to the pool changed, and warmed up – it doesn’t seem any easier than yesterday the water still feels like treacle!
i did 300m and ran through all the strokes just to make sure that i can still coordinate them but still had to stop on every 50m. then i went up and sat with the Fins – who were very lovely ran through the rules and Terry came down with me to my first heat . All the women in my event came down early and we chatted and wished each other well. they don’t announce events – the heat number is on the board and if you are not in the right spot for your event you miss it – and lots of people did – the New zealand gut completely missed his 800m event yeaserday!
Well i swam mine and the woman next to me waited and said good on you we chatted then I weny up feeling a whole lot better because i had completed my first event! But a whole lot worse cos it’s butterfly tomorrow!
i left early to go and get sdome sleep before going to the meet and greet for swimming.
I met michael on the train home he is staying in my hotel so we are going to the meet and greet together – he’ll stay on and party and I’ll go home at a decent hour!
I went in for a salad agin and took it home to eat – had a nap and then got ready to go. i met michael at 6.30, caught the train and went to some place way out somewhere. It was dark and everyone knows how i just LOOVVE dark places! and loud so i couldn’t see or hear or speak without losing my voice.
– i think my party days are over. but i met a few more people chris was one of them a lovely young man from Utah who I have already bumped into several times.
i also ran into Jen from the Fins so we organized to leave together just after 8pm.
So by the time we walked to the train and i caught 2 trains home it was 10pm – Michael had said good night and stayed on.
i got myself ready for the next day so by then it was midnight and off to sleep. My swimming is all at night so i can sleep in till at least 8am and then do my little jobs, go where i need to and will need to leave for swimming just before 4pm to get the for 4.30 training.
My time for 50m breastroke was: 58.59 and I came 5th.

One response to “Sunday 16th july

  1. Hi Alana
    Your web blog recognises me from someother msn thing where I called myself Eloise.  So I\’m Eloise.
    Sounds like your enjoying eating, swimming and meeting people not a bad way to pass the time.
    What\’s your competition?  Will you come home with gold?

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