Thursday 13th July

This day lasted some 48 hours and about 30+ were flying so this entry may not be all that riveting!
Woke early and did my exercises and got ready to go to the terminal – and through customs – i got a nifty search for explosives that was a new thing so i was fasinated by that! so onto the first leg and the longest and for everyone who asked – yes we do stop we stop in Hawaii and have to got through customs there.
the flight was comfortable enough – i sent next to someone who slept most of the way so it wa also peaceful.
It was an uneventful flight but after having flown with Qantas, malaysia, japan , Singapore – the service was mmmm minimalist would be the description – you got what was required so no complaints but not like the others also the air cnada planes seem to be decidedly older – and scruffier – but hey who am I to complain – it got me there and comfortably enough.
Honolulu – well Amerca has no transit so everytime you go in and out of America you need to go through customs – so this is custom check number 2 – had to get off the plane walk through customs and rebourd at the other end through a security check – at htis one we didnt collect our lugage just had to take everything off the plane.
so about 1hr later i was back on the plabne and the second leg of the longest part – went on sleeping, snoozing doing soduko! and reading magazines and newspapers – i dont know why i carry a book i never touch it!
we landed in Vancouver – and through customs agail – so now customs number 3! We had to collect all our lugage and recheck it in and and they made everyone open there bag so they could look through it. i had to get my boarding pass for the next leg of the journey as i couldnt get that in Sydney even though I was booked all the way through and my lugage was booked all the way through – but that doesn’t mean it goes all the way through – oh no! you still have to collect it and put it back on!
so about 4 hours later back on another air Canada – even scruffier – and off to Toronto – now this is an internal flight of some 4 hours so you get a drink and a bag of nibblies and everthing else you buy Air Canada has no service on internal flights any more.
Toronto and yes yo’ve giuesed it another custom check – get all my luggage go through customs and onto my next plane for Chicago. Everything went smoothly so that was at least something! and the transition was about 2hrs.
A 2 hr flight to Chicago – I had a sandwich at the airport so not hungry – landed and yes you guessed it Customs number 5! and yet another check oh i forgat to mention – inhonolulu I had to take my shoes off for the check and in Chicago they discovered a suspicious pencil sharpener  [for my sudoku pencil] in my bag – so i had to open it up and let them look – i then found the express bus joined 2 Americans and 1 Australian here for the gaymes and we went off to be dropped off at our hotels – there were 4 others as well so it took a while – and mine was not in downtown so i was last and this is 10pm by now – still Thursday! – so I’m feeling a bit worried by this dark neighbourhood. But what the heck worry about that tomoorw – so I checked in and went to bed – I want to get up early [ish] tomorrow to get my accreditation!

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