Monday 17th July

Well I was going to get up and out early but after being out at the meet and greet last night well i did get up but just hung around doing little jobs till about 10am. i had brekfast just down the rad and had a cold drink and a custard bun – it’s pretty hot here s am eating lightly but good – there are lots of bananas here and i am taking advantage of that – so far I can’t say food is cheaper but if you think our serves are big they are enormous here! I’m so glad i found a deli where you can buy salads or whatever by the lb!
I have been stpping at Starbucks for there cold coffee of which I buy small because that is the size of our large! but it’s black coffee with ice and very nice too!
wel I managed 15 mins on the internet just enough to send a message to say im hee and ok but that’s all – and then off to Sports attack tand i checked out shoes and sleeping bag and tent – none of which i wanted so i”ve left it and am going to their other store tomorrow as well as the Patagonia store and Erehwon – which is No where backwards.
I checked around for a coffee shop but everyone sends me out some distant place – lots of chain stores but the locals tell me good coffee shops are few and far between and I’ll do better in Canada – well i’ve grown to like starbucks iced black coffee so i’m happy for now!
i went home for my little afternoon nap and was off to the pool by 54pm it takes me generally half an hour to get there – so went straight in for my warmup when i got there and still felt like i was swimming thru treacle but did my best – this is my nighmare butterfly day so i’ll be all ready luckily its up first!
The lovely Fins cheered me on wildley which was so good! I could hear them as I swm and I finished I was so glad and breathless!
I stayed till the end of the night and cheered on the other Fins and as some were swimming relkays we were there till about 11pm so it was abouut 1am by the time i got home – Terry F, Terry and i went home together and met Micheal so he joined us and when we got off the train – it was a windy horrible night! Terry F found a a taxi immediatly one wwho was on his way home but took her to the hotel anyway – so that worked out well. Chinatown is the nearset stop for Terry to her hotel but too far to walk so this will be a good system and the other Terry is not far from the train when she gets off.
Michael and I walked home and i went off to bed – exhausted!
50m butterfly 1.21.38 4th place

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