Tuesday 18th July

I’m not thinking about early starts anymore – I’m up whenever! 11am today. I went to another Sports Attack store this one was huge, had 7 floors and i found a couple of things i needed in the bargain basenmment which was lucky cos i probably wont ever need to wear waterproof trousers again!
i looked around the neighbourhood and found a Food Market these are whole big supermarkets where everything is organic and natural so i was able to buy even more prepared food by the lb. and the food is so different and delicious I will be working my way through the salad bar, then the hot food bar and of course the pastries bar where they have cherry danish and such!
i tried to gethome for a rest and found myself running really alte cos my watch stopped at 1.20 and it was just after 3pm when i got home – so a quick ret and off to the pool – today is the 100Im and 50m backstroke neither of which i hold out anything more than a finish and as i dint win a medal for either breaststroke or butterfly which are actually the strokes i trained for well whatever happens happens!
The I’m went quite well and I finished feeling Ok about it – I was nervous aboutthe backstroke cos i dont swim backstroke much – I hate hitting the wall – but itb went relatively well there were 5 of us swimming it.
Much to my surprise I got a 3rd in both of these so 2 bronze medals for me!!!!
Went home by car with 2 Fins who have a car so that was a treat!
100m IM 2.35.56 3rd place Bronze medal
50m backstroke 1.21.44 3rd place Bronze medal
check the photos!

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