Wednesday 19th July

Up at the usual time and off to the drug store to get a battery for my watch – when the man tried to close the back he cracked the glass so they gave me a new watch same as my old one but a little night light on it as well. so im pretty pleased about that!
Went and ate at the same place it has such good vaiety! And then off to ballroom dancing for a few hours – I was lucky that some guy was standing at the door with a ticket to sell so i got a premium seat for $10 and sat there till lunch time – some of the Australian women were dancing so I saw Bridget and the couple from Melb/Perth dancing. It was great and I think they made it tomthe next category so I will see them this pm.
Sat next to Raoul after lunch and we went upstairs we chatted about the dancing he and his partner are thinking of taking it up so I warned him about some differences he’ll find in dancing styles so to look out foe that!
We exchanged pins – he’s in the cheer squad so now i have cheer squad pin!
I sayed as long as I could and saw the men’s final mmm they are such great dancers there was an especially good German couple – I’ll find out who got where in the next few days.
Went off to swimming – ran home changes d and out for the train – and wouldn’t you knoe it everything was running late so I was a bit worried but still made it there for 5pm one odf the NZ women missed her race however – irt’s so nerve racking getting there on time but niot too too early!
We all went home together agin and as luck would have it Terry got a taxi immediately and I was home by 10pm an early night for once.
I swam my freestyle and wasn’t even puffed so I realised I could actually swim it faster – will do next tiem. Most of us have finished our races so we could chat cheer and take photos all of which we did!
50m Freestyle  53.78 5th place

3 responses to “Wednesday 19th July

  1. Bronze that\’s great.  Food and shopping – sounds like your usual forays overseas – have fun.

  2. Hi Alana – congrats to you – just saw the \’surfing\’ photo! Keep an eye out for Andi and Jesse from Byron – they are dancing Mon, Tuesday, Wednesday. Stay safe – know ya having a great time.

  3. happy birthday Star of the Pool
    it\’s great checking out your adventures

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