tomorrow we leave for Holland!

Well.. here I am, I’ve packed up my housesit…and a great housesit it was too, now I’m at my mums and tomorrow morning Glenn [my brother] picks us up at 8am and off we go – my mother would probably like to leave now to make sure we get there in time but luckily my brother will come when  he comes.
It will probably be a long flight but I’m looking forward to the trip – of course i’ve discovered my camera [movie] won’t quite do what i want, my computer is half updated and so won’t do anything now – luckily I can get that fixed when i get back – but apart from that IAM READY!!!
When I get back I have housesits till the end of July but nothing for August and half of September… so if you know anyone who needs a housesitter here I am!!!
By the way – some people have changed their emails so i dont have the correct address anymore – so pass on my blog and I will try and update emails should i find their new addresses.
Well bed time now so see you next blog

2 responses to “tomorrow we leave for Holland!

  1. Wow…sounds like an awesome trip that you are embarking on.  Please say hi to your daughter and granddaughter (we met them at the Michigan Womens Festival).  Deb and I actually went to Myrtle Beach in November with friends, and the spent 2 weeks in Florida and the Grand Cayman Island with 4 other girlfriends.  Tons of fun.
    Enjoy your trip.  Keep sending Blog info.  I love to read it.  Check out my blog.  I emailed you the address.
    Lots of good wishes.
    Angela & Deb in Canada
    Thanks for the post card from Lake Louise last September

  2. Wow! It\’s terrific! Thanks for letting me know cause I was wondering if you\’ve already hit the road. Hope you have fabulous time with your relatives and dont get dizzy in the family circle.^^ Be well!!

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