I’m in Holland!

Well here I am sitting upstairs in front of the computer mulling over my time so far… today is our mmm 3rd day here and so far no jet lag my mother seems well as well … driving me slightly nuts but well… but I promised Nic I WOULD NOT be mean to her any more I would just accept her idiocyncracies after all as Nic says she’s old … so I’m being considerate something that isn’t coming easy…. but it’s OK.
Well I think I’ve got that out of my system and now on to other things – we landed and of course our baggage came on a different flight …  mother panics áll is lost!’, on the way home or shortly after I think, we go to readiteller mother can’t get money from that one mother panics…óh woe, no money….but all is well in the end baggage arrives and next dispenser works! everyone happy and so life goes on.
today we went out for a coffee and went to pick up the scooter mmm what’s it called in English I’ve forgotten already.
And then I went for a nice walk thru town to pick up new ink for the printer – I’ve been to the supermarket and the market and had pomegranite juice oh yum… things of course have changed here and its much more expensive than it was 2 years ago but hey such is life.
Tomorrow I’m off to buy tickets for the train to Italy and and then meeting Nic and my mum in Amsterdam for a walk around – so that will be good – for now I’m off to finish researching the ticket I want so will write again as soon as something exciting happens…. have to go and cook tea now so will see you all later.

One response to “I’m in Holland!

  1. Hi Alana,
    so nice to hear you this evening, I still can\’t sleep because of my surprise. You seem to be a brave woman to make this journey with your old mother!! Are you going to the Triest region? or to some other places too? Go to Florenz if possible. What is a "readiteller"? My online -dictionary doesn\’t know.
    Have a nice time in your native land.
    Barbara from Duesseldorf

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