One week already gone!!!

We left on the 22nd April and now it’s the 29th April… already one week has gone by and we have been on the go and doing lots of good things… the primary, of course, being eating and drinking…. We haven’t even managed a trip into Hilversum yet. I’ve been in on my bike and done a spot of shopping but nothing major yet… so tomorrow is my favorite day and we will go around Hilversum for the day – there’s lots of entertainment but no shops open.  Well I’ll be able to eat more!!!
Usually I lose weight by walking but mmm I think those days are over – even if I walk and ride my bike around there seems to be no weight loss… oh well I may as well be happy then!
I’ve put up some fotos for u to see.
I’ve had a quick look around A’dam as well and though if I feel up to it I will go in to the Queens celebrations at Pink Point which is a g&L monument and there will be things happening there amonst them a drag queen olymics – should be intersting..
I have tried ringing a friend here, but would u believe … I left the phone number at home and no luck with the email address as yet… so I’ll keep trying to think of ways – But I will be going to Dusseldorf to visit another friend in June… after she comes back from a holiday in portugal with a group of wwwww omen… how lucky can u get – anyway i’ll leave now and let Amara heve the computer. Enjoy the fotos.

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