Tomorrow we leave for Trieste

Well now 2 weeks gone!! and what have i done well we’ve been shopping and site seeing and I enjoy both. I never cease to marvel at the fact that you can be 10mins out of a busy town centre and it’s quiet and peaceful. We drove on the northern outskirts of Amsterdam the other day and we could see the very busy container harbour on the other side of the river and it felt like we were in a little quiet very old fishing village- surrounded by wooden houses and people just pottering around. Of couse I immediatly decide i wanted to live there!.
That is the other thing about Holland no matter where you are your only minutes away from a cafe AND CAKE SHOP!!! How perfect is that… and what’s more it’s generally a shorter bike ride so you feel 2x as virtuous when you’ve had a cake and the ride home!!
MMM everyone always tells me that my cards are all about food maybe they are right! But the food is good here… so it’s easy to talk about it.
I’ve been in to Utrecht and walked around the cnala and enjoyed a very peaceful day roamning the streets. I found my favorite jewellry shop not that I wear any but this shop always has an interesting range – so checked that out and then the different clothes shops I like and now that there will be anew baby in the family I have been shopping for this new person…. more shops to investigate!

One response to “Tomorrow we leave for Trieste

  1. That reminds me of my country, everything is abundant, foods are yammy and again nothing but yammy with a big variety, cafes, muisc and bars are everywhere, people are chatting all around(weep weep). Anyway, you must have a great time^^ I never heard Trieste – not good at geography- so check on the internet, which says it is famous for hobour. You must like there, I suppose. Due to my slow internet, I couldnt browse your pictures. hope I can see some of them next time Have safe travel~! Ki

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