Having a great time!

A weekend has just gone by and I gather it was mother’s day in other parts of the world – it was lovely for both my mother and me to get many good wishes – and we did have a great day – we were out all day wirh relatives from my father’s side of the family and had a great lunch and drove to look at their house on the coast and to meet various second cousins – it was such a great day… eating local food at an agrifood place sooo yummy- guess I’m back to food again – and watching all the kids run around play talk o adults and be treated as people and not as trainee well mannered adults- you know i felt right at home and very happy to just take it all in – I hadn’t manage to meet some of these rellies before so i did enjoy meeting them and it was very fumnny when the wife of one of my cousins after about 2 hours suddenly askes ‘but… excuse me?… how exactly is everone related?’… we did laugh and tell her we just met at the gate but when we explained the relationship it was interesting to run through all the first, second and third cousins- This cousin is particularly interested in Australia – she says she has been facinated since a little girl… it will be interesting to see if she manages to come and visit with her family… It was great for my mother as well cos the teddy bear she made for one of the children is the ‘must go everywhere’ teddy and this little person had decided that they were meeting teddy’s aunt! Very cute and rewarding for my mum who makes so many toys for everyone [including me!] to find the toy so greatly loved…. anyway time to head off and relax in front of the TV – will try and load more fots but need more time than i have here so will do that soon.

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