Monthly Archives: April 2012

Fort Dauphine

I traveled form Adelaide to Sydney – spent a night there as my connection didn’t connect with the flight to Johannesburg.

So next day Sydney to Joburg and yes I did ceck going via Perth – no flights when I wanted one – and no I didn’t check going via Mauritius – but I would another time!

Over night in Joburg and off to Madagascar next day – I was met at the airport and I loved the drive thru Tana to our hotel.

The hotel was lovely comfortable and beautiful birds around.

That evening our group of 9 at present – the 10th person missed their flight, went to dinner – fortunately just around the corner cos it teamed rain!

Thunder lightning and rain rain rain!

Next morning it was beautiful and fresh. It was Easter Sunday and we went for a drive around Tana before going to the airport for our flight to Fort Dauphine.

The streets were clogged with people going to church all n their best clothes – what a site!!

Then off past the markets and this is a market lovers paradise! There are sooo many markets. I am looking forward to my days here with a new friend from Tana. I am looking frward to looking around and trying the patisseries!

Anyway back to the trip….. When we arrived in Fort Dauphine – and we did land once on that trip, we climbed into a bus and off to Berenty Reserve.

Oh I met a lovely person on the plan and we have said we will keep in touch!

It is a 90km drive to the Reserve which took 5 hours! – Yes we did stop to see a variety of cameleons and a tiny green frog but the road – it was bitumen in the 60.s and now it is a rutted run down bitumen and sand and rocks and wood track! Luckily an excellent driver who avoided getting us bogged – yes it has been raining a lot in this are and there was water everywhere across the road.

And then we arrived art Berenty!