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Indonesian Travels

Well I left Australia on the 31 May and have been traveling in Indonesia for 10 days now and have enjoyed every day I have been traveling. I have been the guest of a large family here – the family of my daughter’s partner, and they have been more than hospitable. I wanted to see and do some things and they have gone out of their way to accommodate all those things – but more than that the family has made so many suggestions of things to see, things to do and things to eat – things I didn’t even consider existed, that i have had such an overwhelming ly positive experience! 

Indonesia has the most beautiful rural settings as well as beautiful countryside. I found Jakarta and Bandung, the 2 cities where I have stayed to be interesting and beautiful.

in Jakarta i was fascinated by the size of the CBD and the old port where local trade is done was something to remember. The mixture of old Dutch architecture and modern Indonesian constructions gives such a complete blend of Asia – Europe lifestyle.

The Kampong is very interesting with many of them having a rich and integrated social life. We also had the opportunity to stay in a cluster which is a modern version of Kampong, also provided a view of the middle class life style which is very much like lifestyle all over the world… perhaps with more comforts even.

Bandung is a most lovely town and for anyone who likes art deco architecture there is an endless wonderland of buildings. We had the opportunity to visit a local coffee maker – wow! what an experience that was – I’ll write about that at a future time.

For now, I will sign off until I can get to an internet cafe again and perhaps put up some photos.

Keep well everyone!

Alaz in Indonesia