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Having a great time!

A weekend has just gone by and I gather it was mother’s day in other parts of the world – it was lovely for both my mother and me to get many good wishes – and we did have a great day – we were out all day wirh relatives from my father’s side of the family and had a great lunch and drove to look at their house on the coast and to meet various second cousins – it was such a great day… eating local food at an agrifood place sooo yummy- guess I’m back to food again – and watching all the kids run around play talk o adults and be treated as people and not as trainee well mannered adults- you know i felt right at home and very happy to just take it all in – I hadn’t manage to meet some of these rellies before so i did enjoy meeting them and it was very fumnny when the wife of one of my cousins after about 2 hours suddenly askes ‘but… excuse me?… how exactly is everone related?’… we did laugh and tell her we just met at the gate but when we explained the relationship it was interesting to run through all the first, second and third cousins- This cousin is particularly interested in Australia – she says she has been facinated since a little girl… it will be interesting to see if she manages to come and visit with her family… It was great for my mother as well cos the teddy bear she made for one of the children is the ‘must go everywhere’ teddy and this little person had decided that they were meeting teddy’s aunt! Very cute and rewarding for my mum who makes so many toys for everyone [including me!] to find the toy so greatly loved…. anyway time to head off and relax in front of the TV – will try and load more fots but need more time than i have here so will do that soon.

3 days in Trieste with my mother

Well the train trip was comfortable and I slept well but my mother says she didn’t.. there were a few long waits in between with trains being up to 1 hr late but all in all a pleasant trip and I enjoyed the scenery. I have to say Italy was exceptional with their assistance – I had booked assistance for my mother at transfer points – In Frankfurt we had to organise different assistance and they arrived [the preorganised assistance] as we were about to leave.
But Italy they were there on time, couteous, nothing was too much trouble and they looked after us well and even organised extra assisitance I didn’t book! I have already organised for the way home and I should hear in a few days if this is done.
On the first day in Trieste, I went off to look around and my mother went off riding buses to all the ares she wanted to vidsit… and no I didn’t go with her ttoooo hard.. but she got her wallet stolen… I rang to cancel her cards and all went smoothly and she received a cash advance from Visa to tide her over so all’s well.
It may be enough to last the next few weeks but well we’ll see.
We met with my cousin who is not well but off on holidays anyway and he’s lent me the flat… to which my mother said ‘Oh but you’ll be there on your own??’ … Now doesn’t that sound good… My mother has been telling me about different places around town… and so has my Auntie… I know everyone experinces their own history… but listening to the retelling of the 2 histories simultaneously… mmm well what can I say… I’m just glad I know nothing and can’t participate!
Anyway we will be going out to Slovenia next Frisay and that will also be interesting… my Slovene cousin and his wife came to town tonight and we orgnised everything and that was great.. so I,m looking forward to being there having a bike and riding around the countryside and then busing it around.
You know I’m in Trieste, which is in Italy but you hear as much Slovene spoken as you do Italian… and the other day when my Auntie was explaining to me that Trieste had almost the most cars per capita then all of Italy  and I asked why shesaid that ..In Italy the petrol was dearer than here… now the interesting thing about that was that it sounded like Italy was ‘the other country’ and here [Trieste] was not a part of that country… So it seems as if people here…well some people here still regard themselves as being ‘…other than Italian’ Interesting huh givn that Trieste has been under Italy since 1954!
Well I’m off to check my email .. I have taken some photos and will try to load them soon!

Tomorrow we leave for Trieste

Well now 2 weeks gone!! and what have i done well we’ve been shopping and site seeing and I enjoy both. I never cease to marvel at the fact that you can be 10mins out of a busy town centre and it’s quiet and peaceful. We drove on the northern outskirts of Amsterdam the other day and we could see the very busy container harbour on the other side of the river and it felt like we were in a little quiet very old fishing village- surrounded by wooden houses and people just pottering around. Of couse I immediatly decide i wanted to live there!.
That is the other thing about Holland no matter where you are your only minutes away from a cafe AND CAKE SHOP!!! How perfect is that… and what’s more it’s generally a shorter bike ride so you feel 2x as virtuous when you’ve had a cake and the ride home!!
MMM everyone always tells me that my cards are all about food maybe they are right! But the food is good here… so it’s easy to talk about it.
I’ve been in to Utrecht and walked around the cnala and enjoyed a very peaceful day roamning the streets. I found my favorite jewellry shop not that I wear any but this shop always has an interesting range – so checked that out and then the different clothes shops I like and now that there will be anew baby in the family I have been shopping for this new person…. more shops to investigate!

Waterloo Plain Markt

We visited the Waterloo Plain Market and enjoyed a sunny stroll thru the stalls before
getting back on the Museum Boat and enjoying the rest of our cruise around Amsterdam

One week already gone!!!

We left on the 22nd April and now it’s the 29th April… already one week has gone by and we have been on the go and doing lots of good things… the primary, of course, being eating and drinking…. We haven’t even managed a trip into Hilversum yet. I’ve been in on my bike and done a spot of shopping but nothing major yet… so tomorrow is my favorite day and we will go around Hilversum for the day – there’s lots of entertainment but no shops open.  Well I’ll be able to eat more!!!
Usually I lose weight by walking but mmm I think those days are over – even if I walk and ride my bike around there seems to be no weight loss… oh well I may as well be happy then!
I’ve put up some fotos for u to see.
I’ve had a quick look around A’dam as well and though if I feel up to it I will go in to the Queens celebrations at Pink Point which is a g&L monument and there will be things happening there amonst them a drag queen olymics – should be intersting..
I have tried ringing a friend here, but would u believe … I left the phone number at home and no luck with the email address as yet… so I’ll keep trying to think of ways – But I will be going to Dusseldorf to visit another friend in June… after she comes back from a holiday in portugal with a group of wwwww omen… how lucky can u get – anyway i’ll leave now and let Amara heve the computer. Enjoy the fotos.

I’m in Holland!

Well here I am sitting upstairs in front of the computer mulling over my time so far… today is our mmm 3rd day here and so far no jet lag my mother seems well as well … driving me slightly nuts but well… but I promised Nic I WOULD NOT be mean to her any more I would just accept her idiocyncracies after all as Nic says she’s old … so I’m being considerate something that isn’t coming easy…. but it’s OK.
Well I think I’ve got that out of my system and now on to other things – we landed and of course our baggage came on a different flight …  mother panics áll is lost!’, on the way home or shortly after I think, we go to readiteller mother can’t get money from that one mother panics…óh woe, no money….but all is well in the end baggage arrives and next dispenser works! everyone happy and so life goes on.
today we went out for a coffee and went to pick up the scooter mmm what’s it called in English I’ve forgotten already.
And then I went for a nice walk thru town to pick up new ink for the printer – I’ve been to the supermarket and the market and had pomegranite juice oh yum… things of course have changed here and its much more expensive than it was 2 years ago but hey such is life.
Tomorrow I’m off to buy tickets for the train to Italy and and then meeting Nic and my mum in Amsterdam for a walk around – so that will be good – for now I’m off to finish researching the ticket I want so will write again as soon as something exciting happens…. have to go and cook tea now so will see you all later.

tomorrow we leave for Holland!

Well.. here I am, I’ve packed up my housesit…and a great housesit it was too, now I’m at my mums and tomorrow morning Glenn [my brother] picks us up at 8am and off we go – my mother would probably like to leave now to make sure we get there in time but luckily my brother will come when  he comes.
It will probably be a long flight but I’m looking forward to the trip – of course i’ve discovered my camera [movie] won’t quite do what i want, my computer is half updated and so won’t do anything now – luckily I can get that fixed when i get back – but apart from that IAM READY!!!
When I get back I have housesits till the end of July but nothing for August and half of September… so if you know anyone who needs a housesitter here I am!!!
By the way – some people have changed their emails so i dont have the correct address anymore – so pass on my blog and I will try and update emails should i find their new addresses.
Well bed time now so see you next blog

Travels with mother

Well just a month to go and we will be off overseas – my mother and I will be going to Europe and visiting Nicole and Amara in Holland then we’ll go to Trieste to visit my Auntie and cousins. We will also be going to Volce Draga in Slovenia to visit other relatives.
So now I’m getting ready …well soon I’ll be getting ready!